December 2023. -  Operations disrupted by Strong Stream warning.

The recent heavy rain has resulted in The Environment Agency displaying Strong Stream warnings on their website and at locks.  Warnings advise users of all boats not to navigate as strong flows make it difficult and dangerous.  

As safety is our top priority we always cancel trips when Red Boards or Yellow Increasing Boards are in place.  

Thames Sailability apologises for the disappointment this may cause but we believe you will understand this is the correct action and really out of our control.

July 2023.  -  Vivienne Leighton named as our new President


We are delighted to announce that former Mayor of Spelthorne, Vivienne Leighton, has agreed to become our new President.  She succeeds the late Alan Woolford, who did so much to establish Thames Sailability and put it onto a firm footing.

Vivienne will bring a wealth of experience to our team and will help us promote our charitable work in the community.

After a successful career in banking, Vivienne was elected a Borough Councillor for Spelthorne in 2003. She served as Leader of the Council in 2011 and was appointed Mayor in 2017.

Like Alan, Vivienne lives next to the Thames and is a well-known figure amongst river users.  She has been the driving force behind many local events on the river, most notablySpelthorne’s Magna Carta 800th anniversary flotilla in 2015and the “Mayor’s River Day” of 2017 (in which Impossible Dream accompanied the Queen’s Row Barge “Gloriana").

Vivienne was honoured when the volunteers who established the Sunbury Ferry recognised her part as the driving force behind its grant funding by naming it the Vivienne Jane. Most recently, in 2022, she organised the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Flotilla, where Impossible Dream led the procession of boats from Shepperton to Sunbury.

Ever since Thames Sailability started its operations, Vivienne has been an ardent supporter of our work and we are honoured that she has accepted the role of President.

6th February 2023 - At last the river flows subside and Impossible Dream commences operations for 2023.

January 2023 - All river trips have needed to be cancelled as the Environment Agency Red Board the whole of the river due to the heavy rain at the beginning of the year.  However Impossible Dream has been conducting training sessions within Shepperton Marina to prepare crew for what is expected to be another busy year.

28th January 2023 - Thames Sailability receive generous donation from Shepperton Aurora Rotary from their Christmas 2022 collection.  Their continued support is much appreciated and highly valued.  Thanks!! 

October 2022 - Thames Sailability registers with The Fundraising Regulator.  

September 2022 - Impossible Dream has major refit and returns to service in splendid shape.  

2nd June 2022 - ID takes part in Jubilee Pageant from Shepperton to Sunbury 

4th May 2022 - AGM held and Annual Report Issued. 

 1st December 2021 - Modification to Port side ramp completed so mooring and embarkation possible from both side.  This improvement will enable operations to continue when the river has a stronger stream flowing.   

9th August 2021 - Impossible Dream enjoys its busiest week since post lockdown operations restarted.  People who have waited many months to enjoy the sensation of a river trip take to the water.

25th April 2021 - Thames Sailability will hold its first AGM

25th April 2021 - AGM agrees to restart operations from 17th May.