1. Port Outboard Repairs.

The port outboard motor prop shaft has suffered damage from fishing tackle which caused the gearbox to be unrepairable. It is currently on borrowed time and at the next service will most likely need to be replaced.

Estimated total cost £2500 (including lift out)

2. Port Side Access.

We are currently modifying the port side ramp to allow mooring up on the port side.

Being only able to tie up on the starboard side has imposed limitations on our operation especially when the river flow is high.

(funded by donation and completed)

3. Refurbishment of the hull.

The blue finish on Impossible Dream’s (ID) hull is becoming very tired. It has lost its gloss and really needs to be refinished. We would like to plan a lift out for underside clean and anti foul during this winter and would like to have the hull refinished during this period.

Estimated cost £1000 to £1,500 (including lift out)

4. Annual Maintenance

This, as you would expect, is in current funded plans. Outboard service x 2 plus replacement fuel hoses.

Estimated cost. £800

5. Canopy Renovation

The canvas canopy is in need of a thorough clean, reproofing and some minor repairs.

(funded by donation and in work)

6. Improved Fendering.

The transom corners have a fixed funder. An additional matching funder just above the waterline would be helpful and protect the hull.

7. New Batteries

The batteries on ID are 15 years old so we feel they replacing to ensure reliability.