Risk assessments

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Below you'll find a risk assessment for trips on our boat, Impossible Dream, which you can use as a basis for your own risk assessments.

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Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found on the COVID-19 page

ID Risk Assessment Update Jan 23.pdf

Special Procedure for Passengers Strapped into Wheelchairs.

The additional procedures detail below are to be applied if any passenger is strapped into their wheelchair.

Crew will:

  • identify, prior to boarding, wheelchair users who are strapped in.

  • establish with the carer the need to remain strapped in.

  • ensure the loading gate opposite the gate being used to load is closed during boarding.

  • distribute heavy wheelchairs across the boat evenly.

  • ensure both loading gates remain locked closed throughout the trip.

  • understand how to release the straps.

  • select an appropriate buoyancy aid and have it available for use if needed.

  • conduct these procedures without introducing alarm or anxiety to passengers.